The Garage Journal: Issue 04

In and Out of the Museum: New Destinations of the Moving Image

The fourth issue of The Garage Journal,« In and Out of the Museum: New Destinations of the Moving Image », edited by Eugénie Zvonkine and Luísa Santos, aims to publish innovative scholarship on the relationship between the moving image and the museum. It seeks to analyze ways in which cinema, video art, and curatorial practices inform and influence each other. Analyzing this intricate relationship, the issue challenges traditional assumptions and opens up a discourse where affinities and oppositions coexist.

Although the three parts of the issue apply different research methodologies to the investigation and analysis of contemporary moving image in and out of the museum, they are in no way disconnected. The aim is not to provide a linear and exhaustive historical reconstruction on the multifold relationship between the moving image and the museum. Rather, concentrating on a variety of cases and methodologies allows an in-depth discussion of the needs to which the moving images exposed in museums respond, the problems they raise, as well as the way in which they lead to a rethinking of film and the very idea of curatorial practices.

The Garage Journal: Studies in Art, Museums & Culture is an independent interdisciplinary academic platform that advances critical discussions about con-temporary art, culture, and museum practice in the Russian and global contexts. It publishes original empirical, theoretical, and speculative research in a variety of genres, celebrating innovative ways of presentation. Fully peer-reviewed, The Garage Journal provides a source book of ideas for an international audience.


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The Garage Journal, issue 04

Eugénie Zvonkine et Luísa Santos (eds.)



Numérique, 186 p. PDF consultable ici.