Date :
20 & 21 déc. 2018

Titre :
Italian silent cinema

Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam

Italian silent cinema
A dive into the collections of the Eye Filmmuseum
This two-day workshop will bring together researchers and people from the archives of different nationalities, in order to explore and comment on the film and non-film collections related to Italian silent cinema, held at the Eye Filmmuseum. We will work on a corpus of films selected by researchers and the Eye, but also on advertising material that will highlight the richness and inventiveness of the decorative arts and graphics of this period, as well as the international influence this cinema has experienced. The exchanges will be animated by a sincere endeavour to decompartmentalize and will emphasize aesthetic questions, offering a renewal on the entire period studied.
Organisé par :

Céline Gailleurd (Université Paris VIII, Paris)
Ivo Blom (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)
Elif Rongen (Eye Filmmuseum)

Soutenu par :

Labex Arts H2H

Partenaires :

Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
Laboratoire ESTCA (Université Paris 8)
Université Paris Lumières
ENS Louis-Lumière
Cineteca di Bologna
Museo Nazionale del Cinema (Turin)
Cineteca Nazionale (Rome)
Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam)

DĂ©tail du programme

20 & 21 DÉC. 2018

Auditorium of the Eye Collection Center

35mm & digital screenings


Introduction par Giovanna Fossati et CĂ©line Gailleurd

Slot 1: mixed program (Ivo Blom, Elif Rongen)
Sunrise on the Eternal City of Rome (Zonsopgang over de eeuwige stad Rome, unknown company, ca. 1910-1920). 8 min.
Acqua miracolosa/ Le acque miracolose (Rodolfi, Ambrosio 1914). 10 min.
L’orfanella riconoscente (Cines 1911). 8 min. Lucrezia Borgia (Lo Savio, Film d’Arte Italiana 1912). 33 min.

Coffee break

Slot 2: mixed program (Ivo Blom, Elif Rongen)
Kri Kri e il tango (Cines 1913) 5 min.
La vita e la morte (Caserini, 1917) 7,5 min. short fragment, drama with Leda Gys
Amore bendato (Illuminati, Celio 1913). 35 min. drama with Leda Gys
Panne d’auto (Negroni, Celio 1912). 15 min. short comedy with Francesca Bertini



Slot 3: Film d’Arte Italiana and historical film 
(Andrea Meneghelli, Olivier Bohler, Marion Polirsztok) 90 minutes

Tea break

Slot 4: Non-fiction (Luca Mazzei) 90 minutes

Auditorium of the Eye Collection Center 

Digital screenings

9H15 – 13H

Slot 1: Comedy (Emmanuel Dreux, Laurent Guido) 90 minutes

Coffee break

Slot 2: Dance (Elisa Uffreduzzi) 90 minutes



Slot 4: Melodrama (Stella Dagna, Céline Gailleurd) 90 minutes

Tea break

Slot 5: Presentation by Soeluh van den Berg & Ivo Blom, visit to the collections of the EYE Filmmuseum

Auditorium of the Eye Collection Centre
Asterweg 26, 1031 HP Amsterdam

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